It takes the discipline of an ageless woman to love herself so much that she will care about her inner health and physical appearance – beauty from the inside out.

Caring for her body the holistic way – without medications means choosing a holistic, raw diet, vegetarian, low meat – balanced diet, organic meals, salads, veggies, vegetable proteins, etc. Very little organic white meat such as chicken, wild salmon, fish without the mercury should be consumed.

Staying fit is also important. Doing some exercise daily, may it be yoga, Pilates, walking, running, Aqua fitness, gym, sports and anything you find enjoyable and that will also keep you safe.

The audience of the Oprah Show took Dr. Michael Brickey’s “Defy Aging Quiz.” The past seven presidents of the American Psychological Association have endorsed Brickey’s quiz. The reason is that with feeling younger:

You can put more
snap in your step
sparkle in your eyes
an animation in your face
confidence in your posture
exude a positive outlook.