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Toronto Police Service unveils new police vehicle, Listening to the Community, Listening to our Members

Monday, August 21, 2017 – 11:55 AM
Corporate Communications

On Monday, August 21, 2017, Chief Mark Saunders unveiled the new design for the Toronto Police Service frontline vehicle.

The Toronto Police Service owns 1,612 frontline vehicles, including 40 motorcycles, 24 marine vessels, and 376 bicycles. These vehicles travelled more than 38 million kilometres in 2016.

The previous white, red and blue design has been around since 2006.

A 14-question survey was released to the public and the membership for three weeks. In total, 18,559 responses were received. That’s more than any other survey conducted by the Service.

The public and the membership agreed on 80% of the design elements. The final survey results have been released with the agenda for the next Toronto Police Services Board meeting.

The Service’s Business Intelligence & Analysis Section, with Ryerson University, tabulated and analyzed the results and new designs were created based on the results.

The new design achieves a balance between visibility, with white doors, reflective lettering and emergency lights, and professionalism, with a sleek, simple design that focuses on the word “POLICE.”

A total of 550 cars will received the new design, with the first ones expected on the road by November 2017. The redesign project will be done within the existing budget of Fleet Management. This means it will take five years to replace all frontline vehicles with the new design.

Did you know that Fleet Management is an important support unit of the Toronto Police with 114 members, many of whom are highly skilled, certified technicians? They are responsible for the cost-effective acquisition, preparation, maintenance and repair of all TPS vehicles.

Three fully equipped repair facilities, including a body shop, allow members to perform more than 8,400 services, 280 Drive Clean inspections, and over 20,000 work orders for repair, in any given year.

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