Here are the Top 10 reasons why pot should remain illegal (but oh, oh, oh…there are soooo many more reasons than just these):

  1. It kills brain cells
  2. It is addictive
  3. People are allergic to it
  4. It contributes to mental illness/psychosis
  5. It promotes bad behaviour
  6. You cannot be high and drive properly – unlike cigarettes
  7. Driving while high is driving under the influence or impaired driving…there would be more cases in the court of impaired driving due to marijuana use
  8. Linked to number 4…there would be more people, particularly young people in and out of hospital and being diagnosed with a mental illness due to marijuana use
  9. There is a good reason why it has been illegal for all of this time – it is not good for you unless used for medicinal purposes
  10. The government just wants to make money off all these stupid people who smoke pot! Just stop smoking that illegal garbage to begin with.