The hallway was washed in yellow light. Penny had spent many days trying to get there. She had seen it on TV and it looked just like the pictures.

She walked down the hallway wearing her green dress – it was her lucky dress she always wore when she had an interview.

She had just graduated from an online school and their job board had directed her to this all-boys school that was the best in Toronto. At least that is what they advertised. Stephen Leacock Collegiate was a mixed school once from what her best friend had told her, however when the all-black school started in 2009, Stephen Leacock went all-boys in 2021.

It was now 2022 – the new school had been around for a year.

It was a hot day for March and Penny wanted this job for September. Walden University had just granted her with her PhD in education and with the debt she needed to pay to her bank, she really needed this job.

After the interview, Penny went back to her house so she could clean the cat litter for her tabby Lucy. Lucy was her only company in a three-bedroom house where she rented out the basement. She lived next door to her father, but he was deaf and her sister who lived nearby was the only one who could sign to him.