My Very First Car Driving With My Family
My Very First Car Driving With My Family

My first car driving with my family was a Ford Granada. Ever since I was in high school, my dream car was a Jaguar. Although I was driving a standard Russian Lada at the time that was white, with a blue stripe and black interior, I always dreamed of owning a Jaguar.

When I turned 31, I bought a British racing green Jaguar with crème leather interior for $35,000 CAD was the high end kind – a 1997 Vanderplus. That car handled so well, the gauges were easy to use, the seats warmed up and it had a six-CD changer so it was perfect for long rides and good tunes.

It’s amazing how a car can change your life – it truly can. At the time I owned the car, SARS was a big deal in Toronto and I was taking advantage of discount rates at the Sutton Place Hotel by staying there. The car attendants would jump to park my car (something that definitely would not have happened in the Lada). That car turned heads and made people think I was rich. I got a kick out of wearing my green “poor boy” hat while driving the car like I was a chauffeur and fully experienced the pleasure of riding a fine automobile.

Although a Jaguar is a huge financial stretch from a Lada, it was actually the Lada that I owned longer. The car was easier to park because of its size, gas was about 45 cents a litre at that time and the ownership issue was far less expensive than the Jaguar.

I ended up selling the Jaguar, and because I was still holding onto my dream, I bought another one. This time it was white, with a red stripe and a black leather interior. It was also a classic car from 1982. I was driving a car nearly as old as me. In many ways it reminded me of my Lada.

Every time I got behind the wheel of this car, I shuddered. Although it was in good condition for its age, there were so many problems with it that I couldn’t afford to fix. One time when I was driving out to Whitby for a job, on the highway the car started to shake once it passed the 100 kilometres point. This car was a fragile flower and I felt like my life was fragile driving it.

The car still turned heads though. While in traffic, one man rolled down his window just to tell me it’s a beautiful car. Another man who saw me park it said that if I treat it well, it will treat me well.

It’s so important to get the car that is best suited to you and at the same time fits your budget.

If you have the money and want to make an investment in a car, one of the best things to buy now a-days is the high-bred car. These cars which are put out by such companies as Toyota, Honda and Nissan have an engine that works on electric and gas power. Your dealer can give you all sorts of tips on how to make the car as fuel-efficient as possible and these cars have become so popular that a lot of celebrities like Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston are buying them.

I still turn my head every time I see a Jaguar. It’s that long, sleek, distinctive elegance that catches my eye. However, they are way out of my budget now, but power to those who have one. If it’s your dream car too, sometimes just as much joy can be had out of driving a Saturn and if you look for deals on used models, you just might be able to own a Jaguar too. Trust me; the teenagers without their driver’s licenses yet will be turning their heads no matter what you drive.

As a added footnote since this story was originally written many years ago, look out for the Nissan Micra if you like hatchbacks. It seems to be a cute affordable automobile and Nissan has a good name behind it. As well, if you’re looking for strong safety features, the Ford Siesta in hatchback form too is also a good option and may bear well with your insurance company. Hyundai as well has a great hatchback and they have since the Pony. My Dad used to drive Ponies and had little problems with them. The new Hyundai cars are a good option and also again test well for safety ratings.

Currently I drive a Volkswagen Golf. It is a good car and I like it. They are expensive though and it didn’t take long for me to figure out that the leasing payment I originally negotiated on that car, I could have been driving a BMW hatchback or even a Mercedes Benz! I do love my Golf though and although I didn’t agree with it, the Germans did win the last World Cup :-). The next one for 2018 is in Russia. Perhaps when my lease is up coming up this year of 2015, I may want to look into a Lada again :-).