Anne-Marie Woods started Imani Enterprises in 1994. The company started by focusing on youth arts and culture in Nova Scotia.

Woods took a self-employment business course with Human Resources and Development Canada that helped her to become an artist, freelancer and “artivational speaker” – motivational speeches using artistic means to spread the message.

“Taking the business course was a life changing moment for me,” Woods says. “Prior to taking the course, I always looked at the minimum of what I needed to survive. Now I look at the maximum of what I need to be successful.”

Imani Enterprises’ aim is to promote creativity as a means of communication and outreach.

“Our clients include; individuals, schools, community-based organizations and corporations,” Woods says. “Our services are designed to help our clients realize that arts and creativity can add to a better quality of life, and we make our clients a part of the creative process. We are a unique service because we customize our workshops, one-on-one consultations or projects to suit our clients’ needs. We offer a series of workshops: Improv to Improve Your Communication, Grant Writing 101, Creative Development Projects, where we will write a script or develop a production through research and consultation for an organization, school or corporation. We also provide a service where we create signature pieces (monologues, poems, or performance pieces) for organizations or corporations.”

Woods was born in London, England and lived in Trinidad as a child. She spent many years in Nova Scotia and currently lives in Toronto.

“My background is in Theatre Arts, community development and working in the not-for-profit sector. I have always had an entrepreneurial spirit, and I my first job was in recreation teaching at day camps and playgrounds for two years.”