YouTube has become an important part of my teaching plans. There was a time when I would rely on DVDs and videos to give a visual element to my classes…however, more and more, YouTube has become important.

There are so many things you can show on YouTube that is easily accessible as long as you have an Internet connection in the classroom that is less cumbersome to find with DVDs and videos. This does not mean that DVDs and videos are something I would ever completely stop using in the classroom, they have just been minimized.

Now I see that it is possible to view uncut music videos on YouTube. Of course, for any teacher choosing to show something as this in the classroom, they would have to make sure that the content is appropriate for the class. Pre-screening of anything that is going to be shown in the class is extremely important to avoid embarrassing situations.

Sometimes I have had moments in the classroom where my students are the creators of videos on YouTube. This is always fun to do to get a chance for them showcase their work. The classroom then becomes like a mini theatre and all the students get a chance to see the work of their peers. This also works when doing blogs, podcasts and video podcasts as well. Airing the material in the classroom is like broadcasting in a small way. The students I teach in media need to get used to having their work on display and open to comments and critique.

All this to say that the technology that exists in classrooms now a days is wonderful and I feel so fortunate to have access to it. Classrooms really have changed a lot over the years. In my day, I was not even sending out e-mail to my professors – I did not even know what it was when I was in undergraduate classes.