It amazes me how high gas prices are now a days. I remember the time when I used to drive a white Lada and the gas prices were .45 cents a litre. That was back in the mid to late 80s. Anyone would be hard pressed to find gas prices like that anywhere.

I really feel for those people who have to deal with these gas prices. I am in a situation where I really do not need to have a car. Although I do a lot of traveling around the city I live in for work during the busiest of times, I can still get to where I want to go with public transportation. Some people really need their car. They may be doing deliveries, or they are taxi drivers, have a family or really need it for work to save time.

Some of the saving graces of these high gas prices that I know about is that if someone has a small business and they need to use their car for it, it is possible to write off some of these expenses when they do their taxes. Thank goodness for this. Even when someone is hired on full-time in a place, it is also possible to write off car expenses with your taxes. This still does not solve the problem of having to shell out all that money for gas each and every time you go to the pump.

Recently I watched a movie called “What Happened to the Electric Car.” It seems to me that there really does need to be other alternatives to gas-powered cars. Even some of the hybrids are a good solution, however the technology for electric cars does exist and should be used.