I was one of those lucky children who had one of the first video games that came out – Atari ping pong. I would play against my Dad, brother and sister until I could beat all of them. I would sometimes play with friends too. The kinds of games I would play as a child are extremely different from the kinds of games that are out now.

I would play games like Super Mario Brothers, Tennis and Golf. Simple games that did not involve a lot of violence. A lot of the games that are out now even need a rating on them to protect young people from playing them. One of my journalism students did a great story about Grand Theft Auto and how some people are selling it to young people without any identification that they are of age for the game. He works at Toys ‘R Us.

Back when I was a child, you did not need identification to buy the kinds of games I would usually buy with my Mom, brother and sister at flea markets. This was where you could buy them cheaper and we had lots of games.

I think video games can be an excellent thing for advancing the motor skills in young people, as well as developing concentration. I do have a bit of a problem with some of the violent ones. Granted, I have not played Grand Theft Auto, however from what I have heard, I would not want to either. There are so many wonderful and positive worlds that can be created through video games – more game creators should aim towards developing positive enjoyment, rather than violent enjoyment.