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Statement from Ontario Minister of Energy

August 7, 2013

Bob Chiarelli, Minister of Energy, released the following statement on the regional energy planning process:

“I would like to thank the Independent Electricity System Operator and Ontario Power Authority for their report. Over the past few months they have been consulting with stakeholders and the public across the province. I look forward to reviewing their report and recommendations on the regional energy planning process.

Ontario is committed to respecting local communities by increasing community involvement in the energy planning process. Increasing local involvement will make sure we get siting decisions right from the beginning, while meeting the diverse energy needs of our different regions.”

On May 6 the Minister of Energy asked the Independent Electricity System Operator and Ontario Power Authority to report back to the Ministry with a joint implementation plan to ensure Ontario builds energy infrastructure in a process that respects communities.



Beckie Codd-Downey
Minister’s Office

Kirby Dier
Communications Branch

Ministry of Energy



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