You can buy My Roxanne on my e-store
You can buy My Roxanne on my e-store

My Roxanne

One of the books I will publish for 2008 was written when I was 17 years old. I spent a lot of my youth reading Danielle Steele, Sweet Valley High books, and Stephen King. I also spent a lot of time while I was in English class writing and reading classic literature. MRoxanne is a culmination of many years of work and expresses some of the dis-eases I felt at that time.

While I was writing the original story which will be adapted for publication, it was written by hand on lined three-hole punched paper. I later spent the time typing up my notes and getting it bound with three rings while I was living in Montreal.

Publishing MyRoxanne online through a blog concludes the urge I always had to have the story be read. I know have had developments occur that will help me to finally find a satisfactory conclusion for publication.

I did get that chance through an informal writer’s circle I was a part of at the turn of the new millennium. I thank everyone who was part of that group for helping me receive feedback about the story. I would like to thank Lisa Young in particular for her encouragement and support about this story. I would also like to thank my sister Lisa who was the first reader of the original story. I would like to thank my niece Oshun for being so wonderful and growing bigger every day.

As someone who does identify as a writer because as a black woman identity is an important issue in a world that constantly challenges it, I have many other stories to share through this medium. They will be of a journalism nature since that was my first form of post-secondary education at Carleton University in Ottawa. If you would like to read some of my e-books and paperback books please visit As well please look out for more books to come.

I also teach writing and if you are interested in my help with the special touch of story generation, plot development and journalistic character research to your writing through numerology (the oldest science on the planet) you can find that e-mail online at Feel free to e-mail at