The Publisher Writes About Some of Her Days at the CBC - Photo Courtesy of
The Publisher Writes About Some of Her Days at the CBC – Photo Courtesy of

Dropouts - September 14, 2009

When I first started working in radio I had a lot of dropouts

Poor reception of radio quality on the reel-to-reel

I would bike down to the CBC building on Front Street with my red Yakota bike

That bike was “stoked”

The saddest thing was a light being stolen

Why can people be so mean?

Why do I still remember?

It still happens today

Nine times I’ve worked with dropouts as a teacher and maybe I’m stealing their lights

I only hope the young will beat me in the race, I want them to be rich, I want them to feel worth $10 trillion CDN

I hope that money will be worth a lot globally at least to the end of the invention of the bicycle

That day may have already come.

My bicycle was stolen when it wasn’t locked outside my apartment building on Rue Bryan in Montreal

I bought a red Wheeler with my former sweetheart and brought it with me to Montreal – I left my cat Enid behind in good hands with a woman I used to work at Radio Canada International

The Wheeler sits outside my house unlocked

No one has stolen it for 12 weeks now

It’s time for it to come inside that the weather grows cold

The wheels are flat and need to be replaced

The squirrel who sat on it backwards didn’t mind though

I wonder when science will discover a way to teach squirrels how to ride bikes

Then maybe they could be put to work