World Literary Nonfiction in Toronto and World Powerful English in Toronto with Airbnb Experiences and Donna Kay Kakonge – Book Today

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Join Donna Kay Kakonge at Thai Mango in downtown Toronto for World Literary Nonfiction.

Stillness. Cindy is alone. Tears slip from beneath her closed eyelids. She feels a prick in her arm and opens her eyes to see a plastic and steel tower beside her. An IV is in her. A jungle of noise surrounds her.
Interested in writing a book and publishing it, or blogs offered in a variety of genres, will find out more about writing and how to launch their writing career or interests. We’ll focus on your specific desires with your writing career each time. The realities of the world of writing are also questions that will be answered, with an emphasis on the financial realities of the average writer, and also, for those seeking to be either full-time and/or part-time writers, what they can realistically earn from the craft and the art of writing. Questions around grants and awards will be answered, plus ways of branching out writing skills to not only various legitimate industries, but also into various legitimate genres such as travel writing, hospitality writing, social media profile writing, adventure writing, and writing about your home country for government and travel purposes or corporate travel purposes, plus for personal use, heritage and ancestry discovery, educational purposes, entertainment purposes, writing screenplays and for television and radio, etc. I have great reviews on Airbnb and LinkedIn. Any questions before booking, please contact me on Airbnb.

Join me at Thai Mango for a World Powerful English Lesson in Toronto!

In a fun class held in a local park during fun weather with social distancing involved from the heart of downtown Toronto, Canada, we will spend time for you to practice your English skills, plus have the opportunity to listen to a native English-speaker. The restaurant atmosphere is quiet and perfect for a one-on-one opportunity to improve your English in order to fully enjoy your stay while you are in Toronto, Canada which tends to be predominantly English-speaking. You may want to take this class along with other English-language programs in Toronto, in order to have the opportunity to experience your own private English tutor with the enjoyment in a restaurant where you can also order food and have time for breaks. There is a lot of vocabulary to learn with many suggestions that will be provided for improving your English through easy and affordable homework suggestions associated with media, songs, books from the library, going to English-speaking parties, shopping in English, social media in English, apps in English, and making English-speaking friends in both written and spoken English. This experience will be the same for each of the participants who take the experience class.

American Editions of 4 Books in the Toronto Public Library Released

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You can purchase on Amazon today!

How to Talk to Crazy People

How to Write Creative Nonfiction

The Spirit of Kasacba: A Creative Nonfiction Novel

Three Quarters

All Books Available in Paperback!

Donna Kay Kakonge Small Private School Owner/Teacher on Outschool and a Class for Adults on Udemy

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Check out these great classes for your children that will bring them increased enjoyment, higher intelligence, stronger job opportunities, and learn wonderful new skills:

New 4-week classes, and some 1-time and 2-times meeting classes, plus longer classes! GET A . PDF VERSION OF ONE OF MY BOOKS WHEN YOU COMPLETE THE CLASS! Choose from 20 small class sizes that range from your children creating a mini-book to learning English, Audio Production and Editing for Teens, or Video Editing Class, Starting a Blog, Newspaper and Magazine, plus Academic Writing Style Guides and learning French, and How to Start Your Own Business and more classes to choose from! All classes are as affordable as $5 per week! Enroll Today! Classes have already begun! Flexible Refunds! A flexible schedule class available! New free eBook giveaway just for Outschool learners! There is also a class for adults offered on Udemy.

Get a free .pdf of one of my books when you complete any one of the classes or more.

OUTSCHOOL Teaching Online to Children 18 years old

and under:

Academic Writing and Research to Prepare You for University and College

At-Home Travel Club

Audio Producing and Editing Techniques for Teens

Broadcast Writing & TV Newscasts

Confidence, Intellect & Beauty for Girls: Feminist Perspective

Essay Writing for Age 8 To 13

Expressive and Journal Writing with Award-Winning Author – Flexible Schedule

Fun With Handmade Paper Dolls: Reusing Materials to Save the Environment!

Help Preparing College and University Applications

Homework Help and Homework Answers with Dr. Donna

How to Start a Business – Formation, Types of Businesses, Structures    

Introduction of French for Youngsters

Intro to Literature-Based Creative Writing

Introduction to Swahili for Kids!

Know the Law for Children

The Making of a Book

Typing Class for Children & a Chatbot and an App for Practice

Video Editing Class for Age 10 To 15

Want to Start or Run a Student Newspaper or Magazine?

Zooming with World Powerful English

Enroll Today!

Online Multimedia Journalism on Udemy

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