Hypnosis Script for A Large-Audience Speech Preparation

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Fully relax the body, allowing gravity to softly relax your body, down, down, calmly relaxing. Gently, close your eyes, and feel all the troubles of the day drift away. Open your eyes, look up to the ceiling. Gently close your eyes again. Relax your entire body, with your eyes remaining closed. Feel the tension from the top of your head drift away, the sounds from your ears muted and quiet, your cheeks relax, your mouth gets soft and delicate. Your neck and throat relax, your shoulders shift downward to gravity. Your chest softly relaxes inwards. Your stomach relaxes, your hips relax, your buttocks relax, your legs supported your chair, but fully relaxed.

Now, softly in your mind, countdown from 10 in one, two, three…begin:











Imagine that you are surrounded by all and everything that you love, you are invincible in this love – love surrounds you. You are strong, confident, and only attract good things into your life. Imagine that you attracting, like a forceful and powerful magnet, only good energy, good things, and loving relationships, friends, jobs, money support, material things, and anything else your heart desires into your life. Imagine that you ONLY do good things in your life. All of your efforts are for good, for the betterment of humans all over the world.

Your mood is uplifted and you are prepared and confident to speak at your next lecture with 10,000 people present. The applause will overwhelm you. It may bring a tear to your eye. There will be more applause.

Now, softly in your mind, countdown from 10 in one, two, three…begin:











Open your eyes. It shall be done.

Do you have any questions? How did that make you feel?

99 Must-Have Sewing Tools

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Getting your sewing project going requires having the sewing tools that you need, plus a sewing machine to create the fabric design of your dreams! In this article, you will find out about 99 must-have sewing tools that help to make your sewing projects successful and perhaps even something that you may want to do as a business or to create projects for yourself, or your family and friends.

Sewing Machines for Your Sewing Tools

The very first thing that you will need for your sewing project will be the sewing machine. You can purchase sewing machines on Amazon, Walmart, and several specialty sewing stores. The prices range from as low as $134.99 for a Singer sewing machine, which is considered one of the best. The other prices of sewing machines are $184.58 for a Brother sewing machine which is also considered to be good. Other prices of Brother sewing machines are $194.73, not including the tax. Other Brother sewing machines price at $325.30, and other Singer sewing machines price at $350.99.

Brother and Singer sewing machines are considered some of the best sewing machines on the market and for the best value.

There are some expensive sewing machines such as Bernina sewing machines. Some of the lowest prices that you can find for Bernina sewing machines are $325.30. Some sewing machines are as expensive as a used car. You need to determine what your needs are in terms of purchasing an expensive sewing machine. If you are a seamstress and sew for a living and work on professional sewing projects for clients, then purchasing an expensive sewing machine is a good investment. If you are the head of your home family duties and you are making clothes for family and friends, then a mid-range priced sewing machine would be fine. If you are someone who simply sews as a hobby and makes projects from time-to-time, then a low-priced sewing machine would be the best option to keep with your budget.

There are many other must-have sewing tools that you will need, so keeping the costs of sewing within your budget is the goal! With the average person spending about $2,000 on clothing each year, with sewing, however, one dress with a sewing project would cost approximately $100 for all the tools that you would need. If you were to even make a dress once a month, this would accumulate to a cost of $1,200 per year for dressmaking, so it is less expensive to make your clothes with sewing.

Patterns for Your Sewing Tools

You can use dress forms, which will be discussed more later, to make the patterns from, or the clothing patterns for what you are making, plus any fine art paper that may come in handy for designs that you will make on the clothing, all cost about $40 altogether, but not including the dress form. You will need a lining fabric to make a dress for example to preserve the longevity of the clothing, or sewing project, and this costs about $12. For one dress, you would need about two spools of thread, which would cost about $6.

Clothing Accessories for Your Sewing Tools

You would also need clothing accessories such as buttons and zippers for a clothing project and these items cost about $10 each. You would also need the binding to put on the clothing, which costs about $5. If you are making a fancier dress, you would need calico for the bodice toile which costs about $6. For the belt and buckle kit that you would add to any sewing project, including this dress used here as an example this would cost about $12. The pattern, itself to make the dress or pants, or blouse, or dress shirt, etc., varies in cost depending on the complexity of the pattern, however, should cost approximately $12. 

Measuring Tape, Pins & Pincushions for Your Sewing Tools

There are many other tools that you will need to use the sewing machine that you purchase or own at its best. Measuring tape for sewing tends to cost around $10. Used as a ruler to help measure the sewing project that you are working on, gauges are usually under $10 in price. Pins and pincushions that will help you to work on your sewing project cost about $15. If you get excited about sewing and want even your sewing tools to be decorative, there are pincushions that you can purchase that are hand-made on Etsy that cost under $25.

Needles for Your Sewing Tools

The foundation of your sewing project is the needles that you need to use with the sewing machine. These needles for sewing machines are usually under $15. They come in a variety of packages at this cost for even 100 needles that you can use with your sewing machine, plus packs of 50 needles that you can use with your sewing machine at a price of under $10.

Needle Threader for Your Sewing Tools

You will also need a needle threader for your sewing project. A needle threader helps to put the thread that is used with a sewing machine through the eye of the needle. Needle threaders vary widely in price. The top-end needle threaders made ULINE can cost $54. The automatic and colorful needle threaders can cost under $15. The basic needle threaders are inexpensive and cost about $4.

Seam Ripper for Your Sewing Tools

You will also need a seam ripper as you are working on your sewing projects. A seam ripper is a sewing tool, which is small, where you can repair the stitches that you do that require correction during a sewing project. Seam rippers vary in price from about $8 to $15.

Scissors for Your Sewing Tools

As most people know, you will need scissors for your sewing project. Scissors designed for sewing tend to be smaller than kitchen scissors that you may have for cooking purposes. They help you to give fine and accurate cutting to clothing and are more delicate as well than scissors that you would use for gardening. If you want to save money on sewing scissors, you can purchase all-purpose scissors for as low as $4. Sewing scissors, also connected to pinking shears with rubber handles, can cost about $17. If your entire family is sewing, or you own a factory of seamstresses that require high-quality sewing scissors and are packaged within a wooden box, then Fendrihan well-known professional scissors price at about $160.

Thimble for Your Sewing Tools

The other thing that you will need for your sewing machine and your sewing project are thimbles. Even when you are using a sewing machine, you may also need to incorporate hand sewing for your sewing project to fine-tune the fine details. A thimble is important because it provides your hands with more flexibility to work on your sewing project. Thimbles are not expensive. Usually, thimbles will cost about $5.

Cutting Tools for Your Sewing Tools

There are other cutting tools, outside of scissors that you will need for your sewing project with your sewing machine. Fabric shears are designed especially for fabric and are helpful to use for your sewing project with your sewing machine as additional cutting tools for sewing. As mentioned before, all-purpose scissors, which are inexpensive, are helpful for sewing projects, and other cutting tools that you need for your sewing project, especially when working with thicker or heavier materials that you are putting through your sewing machine.

Thread snippers are delicate and perfect for making sure that you get the threading for your sewing machine, or either hand sewing precise and perfect. Embroidery scissors are designed for embroidery that would be on your sewing project and are extremely helpful to have to perfect your sewing project. Rotary cutters also used to make quilts for sewing, are useful for making quilts and blankets for your sewing projects.

Pinking shears are also useful in sewing. Pinking shears are scissors, or cutting tools, that are saw-toothed, rather than straight cutting scissors. Pinking shears help with cutting non-straight aspects of a sewing project used with either a sewing machine or with hand sewing.

If you are left-handed, then having left-handed scissors will also come in handy and make your entire sewing project done by a sewing machine, or either hand sewing goes smoothly and perfectly and are other cutting tools that you will need. Plus, seam rippers, as mentioned earlier in this article, are extremely important for your sewing project.

The prices of these other cutting tools are different, depending on what you purchase. Fabric shears can be as low as $20, a mid-range price of $60, and as high as $80. Previously in this article, the price of all-purpose scissors was already mentioned. Thread snippers are inexpensive being as low as $9 to as high as $18. Embroidery scissors are well-priced starting from $10 to $26 to $37.

Rotary scissors as cutting tools can be expensive if you choose the more expensive ones. Rotary scissors as cutting tools can price for as low as $12, to a little higher at $26. The most expensive ones are about $470 for cutting tools!

Pinking shears are more affordable at about $16 to $17. Left-handed scissors are also rather affordable pricing at $9 for these cutting tools, to $14 for ULINE comfort grip, to the more expensive ULINE left-handed scissors cutting tools pricing at $20.

The price for seam rippers was mentioned previously in this article.

Measuring Tools for Your Sewing Tools

Measuring tools are another important part of sewing tools. The tape measure as mentioned earlier in this article with the price ranges is one of the key ingredients for your sewing project. Other measuring tools are also important.

Having a clear ruler is also important. This will help you to make sure that when you have the dress form or the pattern for the sewing tools and the sewing machine that you get the dimensions and the measurements for the sewing project just right.

Having a sewing gauge is also important. This was also mentioned earlier, but a sewing gauge will help with measuring short spaces of about six inches and is a metal object that will help to make the measuring with tools perfect for your sewing project. Having a yardstick for your sewing machine, or hand sewing is also important. Yardsticks are usually smooth and flat and come in handy as a measuring tool for large sewing projects since yardsticks can measure up to about three feet. Having a French curve is also useful for a sewing project as a measuring tool. A French curve is a template that usually consists of metal in its making as a measuring tool, and can also be in plastic, or wood, and come in handy if you would like to make your patterns, or making alterations to a pattern, or dress form. A French curve is an extremely useful measuring tool to have for sewing.

A flexible curved ruler is another measuring tool that is also useful when it comes to sewing tools. When you are in a situation where you may need to hand draw curves for sewing, a flexible ruler makes it possible to create the perfect curves for your pattern, or for the designs that you are creating for your sewing project. A flexible curved ruler is an extremely useful measuring tool to have as well for your sewing projects.

A tailor’s L-square, or also known as the L-square, is a great measuring tool to have for your sewing tools and your sewing projects and is also called a tri-scale as a measuring tool and is made of steel or wood. The L-square consists of one arm attached to it that can measure 12 inches, whereas, the other arm on the L-square can measure 24 inches. You can use the L-square to draft designs on brown paper to create patterns.

A ring ruler is another measuring tool that is good to use for your sewing machine, hand sewing, and for your sewing projects. You wrap this ring ruler around your fingers and helps you to measure out smaller dimensions using your fingers but having the aid of a ruler at the same time. The ring ruler is a great measuring tool to have for your sewing projects, sewing machine, and for your hand sewing. You can also purchase measuring tools such as ruler grips that help to prevent slipping as you are using the ruler for your sewing tools and sewing projects with the sewing machine.

The price of a tape measure has been previously mentioned. A clear ruler used in sewing ranges in prices of $10, to $14, to $20 approximately. The price of a sewing gauge was mentioned earlier, but you can purchase one for about $10. You can purchase beautiful yardsticks on Etsy in the price range of the $20 range.

French curve measuring tools as sewing tools for sewing machines, hand sewing, and for your sewing projects vary in price. You can get a French curve measuring tool for as low as $8, moving slightly up in price to $10, moving greatly up in price to $37, and the top-end ones will be about $50. This is still relatively affordable though.

Flexible curved rulers as a measuring tool for sewing machines, hand sewing, and sewing projects, making clothing and household items, manufacturing textiles, range in price from $10 to $18 to $37.

You can get a tailor’s L-square for about $20 which is affordable.

A ring ruler costs about $10, and ruler grips come in packs and are about $6.

Pressing Tools for Your Sewing Tools

Pressing tools are another important sewing tools that you will need for your sewing machine, hand sewing, or sewing project. Pressing tools for sewing include such as an ironing board, steam iron, seam roll, clapper and the point presser, tailor’s ham, pressing cloth, and a sleeve board.

An ironing board is something that many people do not use as much any more sometimes, however, an ironing board comes in extremely handy with your sewing tools, sewing machine, and sewing projects. An ironing board usually stands on metal legs and is foldable so that you can put it into a closet for storage. Once you unfold an ironing board, you can then place the finished sewing project and use a steam iron as a pressing tool to smooth out the fabric of either a quilt, pair of pants, or even a dress – any sewing project that you have done needs the finishing touch of an ironing board and steam iron. There are some extremely inexpensive ironing boards that you can get for $5. Other more expensive ironing boards are priced at the average price of $40, ranging up to $70, to $140, to as high in the price of $400! It depends on the sophistication of the sewing projects that you would need to do to decide what price point is best to purchase an ironing board. Someone who is just doing sewing projects and using pressing tools as a sewing tool as a hobby would only need to spend about $5 on the ironing board. If someone is a professional tailor or seamstress, then investing in an ironing board that is $400 is worth the investment in their business.

Steam irons again range in price such as ironing boards, however, it can be difficult to find a steam iron for the cost of $5 unless you were to purchase it used. To get a new steam iron, the average price is about $46, however, the price can go up for a stronger made one to $80, with the most expensive steam irons, usually used by professionals who require the best in sewing tools and pressing tools, to $400!

A clapper is used to make flat the collar and as a pressing tool for dress shirts and collars on any clothing, as well as pockets on any clothing. The point presser pressing tool is useful for narrow edges and surfaces in fabric to get the perfect finish for your sewing project. The average price for a clapper and point presser as a pressing tool used as a sewing tool is $60.

The seam roll as a pressing tool used as a sewing tool is sometimes also called a sleeve roll. This pressing tool is a cushion that is in the shape of a tube and is used as a pressing tool for the sleeves in shirts, and the legs of pants. Seam rolls, or sleeve rolls, used as pressing tools for sewing tools are affordable. They are an essential part of clothing making for sewers that range in price from $14 to $22.

A tailor’s ham is also known as a dressmaker’s ham as a pressing tool used as sewing tools. It is a pillow that is stuffed and packed in and is curved, so you can use a steam iron to press sections of clothing that require curves. A tailor’s ham or dressmaker’s ham as a pressing tool used as a sewing tool goes for about the average price of $70.

In contrast to the ironing board, a sleeve board is a small ironing board that is a pressing tool used as a sewing tool to focus on small areas of clothing or sewing projects such as stuffed animals that are used with a steam iron. You can also make a sleeve board with even a piece of a cardboard box, however, if you want to purchase one, the average price is about $40.

Another important pressing tool used as a sewing tool is the sleeve cloth. Sleeve cloth is a pressing tool as a sewing tool that follows the design of a dress form, or pattern. It is an extra fabric that would be added to the sleeves of clothing. It varies in price but is usually about $6.

Bobbins for Your Sewing Tools

The bobbin sewing tool is used to get the sewing machine moving so that the thread will go through the sewing machine. Bobbins are extremely inexpensive. You can purchase Bobbins at Walmart for as low as $4 for a pack of about six. Bobbins are an essential sewing tool for a sewing machine and your sewing projects.

Clips for Your Sewing Tools

Clips help you to organize the fabric that you are working with as a sewing tool for your sewing projects. They are extremely affordable and tend to be made of plastic in bright colors. They range in price from $6 to $16 and you get them in packs.

Fine Art Paper for Your Sewing Tools

Fine art paper used as a sewing tool for your sewing projects helps to even create magical designs on T-shirts, or wonderful iron-on prints for casual dress, and decals for children’s clothing as well, plus a lot more. Fine art paper can also help to add faux leather to a garment, or plaid to a bold print with a clothing design as a sewing tool of fine art paper. Prices of fine art paper used as a sewing tool range from $30 to $60.

Gloves for Your Sewing Tools

It is extremely important, especially if you are a tailor or seamstress, to use gloves for your sewing projects with the sewing machine, and gloves also protect your hands in case there were to be an accident. Gloves as sewing tools are affordable. You can purchase gloves for under $1 to as high as $20. These gloves are usually made of thin plastic, such as gloves you would use to take out the garbage and/or recycling, plus to wash the dishes.

Dress Forms, Patterns for Your Sewing Tools

Dress forms are also known as mannequins and can be used to ensure that when you are a tailor, seamstress, or even doing sewing projects as a hobby, that this sewing tool can help you to ensure that the clothing that you are making will fit the desired audience and/or customer of your sewing projects. Dress forms tend to be expensive and range in price from $200 to $400. Patterns will help you to make sure that you are choosing the right fit for your sewing project as a sewing tool. Patterns, as mentioned earlier, cost about $12.

Donna Kay Kakonge Small Private School Owner/Teacher on Outschool

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